When creating the New BOM Item Price is not shown

When creating the new BOM I have created for 1 product with 3 items and get the Bom Number when selecting the all the item for 1 product the price is not showing it shows Zero in every places. even giving the quantity to 5 it shows zero.

Please give me the steps to complete the full BOM

By referreing your image
I think , At the time of creating BOM for “CS001” item ,Rate is not given.

On BOM form:
Item Rate will fetch based on selection in “Rate Of Materials Based On” drop down list.
Eg . Item = ABC

  1. Rate of Material Based On = Last Purchase Rate
    Item =ABC , Qty=5 , Rate=50 (PR0001)
    Item =ABC , Qty=4 , Rate=120 (PR0002)
    Here Rate=120 will fetch on BOM form.

  2. Rate of Material Based On =Valuation Rate
    Item =ABC , Qty=5 , Rate=50 , Amount=250 (PR0001)
    Item =ABC , Qty=4 , Rate=120 , Amount=480 (PR0002)

    Valuation Rate for Item “ABC”= In Value/ Balance Qty

  3. Rate of Material Based On=Price List
    Item=ABC , Price List=Standard Buying , Item Price=20
    Here Rate =20 will fetch from respective item price entry.

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

HI Thanks for your reply, but when i gave the rate it shows this error message.

Hi Also here due to item name and item code is falls same it shows this error message. in the item dropdown how can i change code to name


Since the raw-material item has BOM mentioned again it, its assumed that this is the sub-assembly item. And for the sub-assembly item, rate is fetched from its BOM.


Sceenshot indicates that you are selecting item “CS001” as Manufacturing as well as raw-material item. As correctly indicated in the validation message, manufacturing item cannot be selected as raw-material item in the same BOM.

You should create separate Item Code for the raw-material item, and then select it in the BOM. Renaming existing item “CS001”. If you already have another item code for the raw-material, here is the help on renaming.


Hope this helps.

Hi Thankyou. For displaying the rate and amount we have to add it in the item price master. Right.
I have understood what you have said. but for me the rate is not showing. can you please give me the doc on this BOM. to compleate a full process.