When frappe update

after update frappe the home page and some pages in my app erpstyle (html,css,metronic theme)
not appear but appear the frappe basic pages
i want to inquire when change frappe what is requirement changes for this state?
page home before

and after change frappe

Hi, it is very strange in general frappe doesn’t change your home page.
Please check in the Website Settings Home Page field

hey @Mohamed_Alijla,

that is a nice website!!
how did you integrate theme in erpnext?
where did you put html, css, etc?


@pee: you may want to review some manuals to get more familiar with frappe themes, web views and portals.


Thanks @gvyshnya , I knew those pages, but I am interested in theming the public front website, not the portal or backend. :slight_smile: Any pointers on that?

@pee: There are no specific manuals on building custom starter themes for a public web site, I am afraid.

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hell @pee

html put in the same structure in erpnext and frappe and css, js put in public and use build file in your app

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