When got change amount in POS of ERPNEXT, the sales invoice will be draft

I noticed that for my POS system can not proceed order with change amount. It will be not problem in the POS, can submit and print receipt.

But when it sync to sales invoice, it will be draft.

When I try to submit this invoice, it will show me ‘Sales Invoice SINV-RET-00046: Cost Center is required for ‘Profit and Loss’ account Sales Income - CEPL. Please set up a default Cost Center for the Company.’

I actually have setup a default cost center for the company

And my POS profile is shown as below:

ERPNext: v7.2.25

Frappe Framework: v7.2.20

Anyone can help me on this issue? it will be very much appreciated for the help, thanks!!

CC @rohit_w

Hi @John_Yao

Can you share browser’s console log?

Hi @John_Yao

Set change amount account as cash or bank account(asset account) on the pos profile

Thanks Rohit, problem solved. Many Thanks!!

The POS is important for our business, I noticed that there isn’t any report for POS sales result for based on user sales result and mode of payment and a total sales report. How to build up one by ourselves?