When I am deleting a doctype from UI, the database tables still exist

The same issue is for the case when I remove a field from the doctype and add a field. Changes don’t reflect in the database.

Building on top of this query Delete the doctypes but the tables are still in the database

@Essential_Queries .


bench trim-database

Operate with caution :slight_smile:

Take a look here.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks @avc

trim-database is not an option in our bench
erpnext 13.44.0
frappe 13.48.0

Does not show up listed by bench --help under commands nor under framework commands

Please advise. Thanks

It’s avaliable in Frappe v14 and above …

is this issue is solved in v14 ?

Actually, currently I dont see any option to do it from the frontend. You will have to manage on the backend . Frappe doesn’t want to give direct options to delete columns or table bench trim-database