When I create Bill of Material in manufacturing rate of item not set manually

When I create Bill of Material in manufacturing and in cost configurations I set manual option but item rate not editable manual.

Hi @Mraidev,

Remove the condition from the Read Only Depends On

Then reload and check it.



We are going to remove this option within a few days.
It’s not helpful because there are some problems with it.
Putting in the rate by manually won’t change the valuation rate because because it will be based on the FIFO / LIFO / Moving Average.

Thank You!

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Thanks sir for help me

What’s going to be removed? The manual valuation rate functionality or the Read Only Depends On condition?

Hi @alphaomegaphi,

Recently, in version 15 of ERPNext, a new manual functionality was included. However, upon discussing it with the team, it was clarified that if you manually enter the rate, it won’t alter the valuation rate. This is because the valuation rate is determined based on the FIFO/LIFO/Moving Average settings. Up until now, the field was already in read-only mode.

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@NCP thanks for clarifying