When i sync to Shopify stock availability get automatically checked

Hello everyone!
in our case we don’t have warehouse, we just sale for suppliers, so I don’t check stock availability of items in ERPNext v10.1.17, but if items already exist in Shopify, after sync stock availability gets checked automatically in ERPNext.
I don’t know what I’m missing, please help me,

By default, on Item Master, Sync With Shopify and Sync QTY with Shopify are true. Disable sync qty with shopify.

Goto Customize Form > Select Item in document > set default value 0 for field Sync QTY with Shopify.

Dear @saurabh6790 Thanks for quick answer
I set the default value(option) to 0 for item, not solved the problem. still while the item exist in Shopify when I sync stock gets checked

I tried for both cases sync qty checked and unchecked in item details, didn’t work

there is 2 way sync if can make it 1 way sync (just send product not get them from shopify) maybe it would help?