When is Income tax calculations feature going live?

Earning and deductions with rules in salary structure is an essential feature to have in ERP. I have currently picked the develop branch from erpnext github repository, and these features are present in this branch. But I am facing some issues while doing bench migrate on this develop branch code.

Is there any tentative date, when the earning and deduction features (HR salary structure) will be rolled out? Is this feature currently in testing phase or is it still in development phase?

Already released in 7.1-beta (develop) branch

I am getting following error while doing bench migrate.

Module import failed for Auto Email Report (frappe.email.doctype.auto_email_report.auto_email_report)

ImportError: No module named xlwt

I am trying to migrate from 7.0.33 to 7.1.0-beta. There are some customisations which I had made on 7.0.33, but none of them should be a hindrance in migration.

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This fixed it:

./env/bin/pip install -r -U ./apps/frappe/requirements.txt

and I could then:

bench migrate

Then, due to locally modified files, i had to cd erpnext and

git stash

Then it worked!

bench update

Your command is not working.

Additionally I am getting the below error, after commenting xlwt package.

No module named oauthlib.oauth2.rfc6749.tokens

in which folder or directory you are using

./env/bin/pip install -r -U ./apps/frappe/requirements.txt

git stash

give full path, from where we have to run this command