When is it safe to move from develop branch to master branch

I have an install which is following the develop branch and would like to switch to the master branch by using the “bench switch-to-master” command. Is this guaranteed to work at any point in time or is it only safe to use when checked-out at certain specific commits on the develop branch?

Its safest to use when master and develop are close together. Right now, it is most likely not safe to use.

Best time to use will be when version 8 (currently in develop) is merged into master, which is scheduled for 17th, I believe.

Also, after switching to master, run bench --site all migrate to run any patches that may have been missed.

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As the develop branch progresses very rapidly, how do I instruct bench to upgrade to a specific commit on the develop branch and not all the way to the head?

That is not possible at the moment.

See Nabin’s response to my comment explaining why it is not possible at the moment: Beta Testing Process - #29 by nabinhait

I’m currently on erpnext commit 52daaca8 which is just past v7.2.29 and if I run bench update it does not advance me any further up v7 and erpnext simply remains at this commit. I get the message:
This update will cause a major version change in Frappe/ERPNext from 7 to 8.
This would take significant time to migrate and might break custom apps. Please run bench update --upgrade to confirm.

I want to switch from develop to master but how do I update to a commit on the develop branch within v7 which is closest to the master branch so that I can make the switch from develop to master safely?

Can one move from Master to the V11 staging branch and then back to Master safely when V11 is released?