When is V12 expected to be production ready

We are seriously looking at Erpnextm, but need a new “engineering management” module with a series of new doctypes as well as an implementation of the Quality module.
Important to know when V12 is expected to be ready for production .
Can anyone answer this question ?

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In our case we need the customer also have login features that can initiate material request and have users groups…

V11 is barely out of the blocks. Although much more stable than a few months ago but it still has a few issues needing attention. If the last release is an indicator then my best bet is we are still about a year or so away from V12.

As it is now, features are still being introduced to v12 so beta testing for live environments may not even be encouraged. As i understand, the core developers are more interested in stability than scoring release points so i am sure v12 will go through regorous beta testing before it’s production ready.

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Hi Felix,

Thanks for your views.

We have quite a lot to do before we would like to go live, so, 12 months is not an issue.

Perhaps we should do some standard stuff in a V11 production installation and do the development stuff carefully in a separate V12 development.instllation.

Is there a list of features that are on the roadmap?

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The official developer docs are already on V12