When Material request status is change?

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i have create one material request ,and submit that request .but some item is low in my case so i create request for qutation and submit it but still the material request status is pending …so my question is when the material request status is change …

Have you linked this material request in the RFQ? If not, you will have to close the Material request since it is not linked to the RFQ and the status will not change unless you link the RFQ or proceed creating RFQ/PO through it.

how to link this can u please tell me …

When you make purchase order from that Material Request it’s status will change to ordered,
and when you make purchase receipt from that purchase order its status will change to received.

ok so that i have to create purchase order then the status is change r8?

Either create the RFQ via Material request through the Create button or in RFQ use the “Link to Material Request” button to get open material requests for the items.

Yes, creation of PO will change the status of the Material Request. But now, the PO will not be linked to the RFQ.

same steps as i follow first create a material request and then create request for quation and submit that just i miss link to material request …i will do this and let u if any issuse

In my case when i click on button Link to materail request

having error

No pending Material Requests found to link for the given items.

You have to create Material Request for item A and then, create a Request for quotation for item A. Click on get items from material request.

sames procedure i follow i create material request for item A
after that i create the request for quatation for item A via the plus(+) sign on the the request for quatation form and create rfq and submit it.and click on get item but the status not change the status is pending


The + sign is only to help you open the new form. It does not link the documents. To link the documents, use the Create button as shown in the previous post.

I also create the request for quatation for clicking button

still i am facing same issue :roll_eyes: can u please help me.

still status are pending


Your material request status will be Pending till you create a Purchase Order. So suppose you create a Material Request > RFQ > Supplier Quotation, the status of Material Request will still be pending. From Supplier Quotation you must create a Purchase Order. Now if you check the Material Request, the status will change.
Note: You can also directly create PO through material request.

These are the statuses a Material Request can be in:

  • Draft : A draft is saved but yet to be submitted to the system.
  • Submitted : Document is submitted to the system.
  • Stopped : If no more materials are needed the Material Request can be stopped.
  • Canceled : The materials are not needed at all and the request is canceled.
  • Pending : The Purchase/Manufacture is pending to complete the Material Request.
  • Partially Ordered : Purchse Orders for some Items from the Material Request are made and some are pending.
  • Ordered : All Items in the Material Request are ordered via Purchase Orders.
  • Issued : The materials are issued using a Material Issue Stock Entry.
  • Transferred : The required materials are transferred from one Warehouse to another using a Stock Entry.
  • Received : The materials were ordered and have been received at your Warehouse using a Purchase Receipt.

Hope this helps!

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i follow these steps and when i create the purchase order then i not able to show the supplier there…not able to show the supplier why this happen
Already i created multiple supplier in my system but nothin is showing her

Even i try out to create new supplier here but also not able to show that supplier also here

i follow these step but still issue will same …

Seems like you have not set a default supplier for the items specified in the material request. Keep the supplier filed blank in the pop and click on the Submit button directly. And in PO, set the Supplier.

Let me know if this helps…

ok will try this

when i click on submit then the po form is open then it will ask the enter the supplier there after entering the supplier and submit the status will be change

thanks for your valueabble time finally it will work

but i can u please tell me why we create purchase order her and after creating purchase order then the material request status change …what is the linking of this material request and purchase order can u explain me the what is the realtion of this …