When Purchase Invoice item's valuation rate is different from Purchase Receipt item's valuation rate


I’ve noticed that Purchase Invoice does not update the stock valuation in Purchase Receipts in the case when Purchase Invoice item’s valuation rate is different from Purchase Receipt item’s valuation rate.

So I’ve made a pull request for this feature: Purchase Invoice revalue Purchase Receipt Item valuation tax amount by SaiFi0102 · Pull Request #15154 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
This will override any Purchase Receipt item’s tax amounts only. You can’t simply change the valuation_rate of items since they are recalculated on submitting Landed Cost Vouchers. So I’ve included 2 fields in Purchase Receipt Item to achieve this: invoiced_item_tax_amount and invoiced_item_tax_portion. They’re used to recalculate the valuation_rate

There’s another case which I’ve not added a feature for in the PR that what if the items are invoiced at a different rate than Purchase Receipts. Should Purchase Invoice also override rate of items in Purchase Receipts?

What do you people think, are these necessary features?

I think this is worth looking into.

In most organizations the people making the purchase receipts are in the factory and don’t have much knowledge about accounts. Hence, at the time of submission of the purchase receipt, they may not be able to decide whether a charge should be part of the item’s valuation or not. This is related to accounts and hence, best dealt with by the accounts department at the time of creating the purchase invoice. Unless the purchase invoice overwrites the purchase receipt valuation/incoming rate, the items may be valued incorrectly.

An alternative is to set up a workflow where all purchase receipts are approved (submitted) by the accounts department but this is not ideal as most purchase receipts will not have this issue but this workaround will add greatly to the account department’s workload.

Seems like a Pull Request for this feature wasn’t merged


the easiest way so far I found to fix this is to automatically create LCV on Purchase Invoice submit if there’re any item rate changes

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