When saving Employee error on Gender if in Portuguese

When adding a user with the system in Portuguese/English the below error is raised when i try to assign the userID

Note also that when changing the language to EN the translated “Masculino” ramains instead of Male.

But if i remove the UserID besides of the not translated Male the record is saved even… also if i click to change will continue in portuguese and will be saved …

But if i add the UserID the same error message.

erpnext 8.6.3
frappe 8.6.2

Noticed that if i rename the record name from Porguguese “Feminino” to English “Female” and modify the record … the Error for having Feminino is raised and i change to Female … and right after assign the userid it works.

I am facing same error in Turkish version.

Hello @Helio_Jesus,

I’ve translated a big part of the system already to portuguese-BR, and I’m using the system in portuguese without any huge problems, actually I use the HR for a year now. Please download the translations in Help on the end of the page.

To translate any term that is not translated, for portuguese or turkish you can translate in custom translations, its the easiest way!

I do understand that … but the problem is when you create a new DB or new Company from scratch and you select PT as your default language … the Systemw will create the default records in PT which is correct but when comparing it is not translating back to what you have on the code … e.g
your translation is “Feminino” while the code is comparing “Feminino” == ‘Female’ either it translates back the “Feminino” or the code fixed is the one to be translated.

Same here.

A few weeks ago I made a post (ideally someone from erpnext can ping) where I asked non-English communities to join the collaboration of adding all the missing tags to translate, as there is a lot to do. Once they are in erpnextranslate, everyone should be able to translate it.