When submit material receipts this error comes [Expense or Difference account is mandatory for Item item-1 as it impacts overall stock value]

Dear All,

When i try to submit purchase receipts for raw material item it give this error. Please help;

Please check the Item Master of this Item. Link the default account. Else if available link the account in Company setup in the Account module.

Can you give some hint about the title of account for this purpose in company master defaults

I tried but t same situation

this error comes only when back date entries are submitted

Hello !

Go to the concerned company. There will be a field for expense account. Click in it, type expense and you should find a default account there. Set it. Same for the difference account if there is such a field

Please check if the backdated entries are for FY 2018. If period has been closed then backdated billing will not work with default account.

With the same year

Best way would be if you post error log for someone to read through it.