Where are the accounts of Debtors and Creditors?

With Party model, I think all the accounts of Creditors and Debtors are removed.

Is there a way to see the account of a single debtor or creditor in GL.

Also with party model is it possible to create a party who is Customer as well as supplier and how would the team suggest on merging the accounts of 2 same supplier and customer.

In the GL report, you can select party fitler to see accounts of customer, supplier

If you have a customer that is a supplier, you will have to create 2 accounts.

We were thinking of merging the tables, but maybe for another version!

@rmehta I have checked the GL of v5 and there is no option to select accounts of Customers or Suppliers.

As a matter of fact I cannot find any account of Customer or supplier even in the Account List.

Also I thought that with party model the need for having 2 separate accounts for Customers who are also suppliers would be gone.

Could you please update us all on this as there seems to be a confusion. I can see all the accounts of Customers now being merged into one account of Account Receivable.

Ping @nabinhait

I hope you could shed some light on how should we be able to see the G/L of customers and suppliers and also if the new party model is able to resolve the issue where a Party is also customer and Supplier.


Same questions here.

Is it possible to create a report like the Profit and Loss report where you can see all the individual Supplier/Customers “acounts” with amounts under respective accounts Debtors/Creditors? I know that the person that prepares our accounts is going to be concerned with this :grimacing:

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@adityaduggal oops, seems like a major oversight. @nabinhait will need to do this on priority.


Good its caught before the release.

Thanks for reporting this Aditya in fact our finance officer asked me the same question today! He is the last one in my team to switch from Focus to ERPnext and I want to keep him happy.

@ahmed_personal Honestly, I have never used focus so can’t really comment but my migration from Tally has been a big fight at my end but till date I don’t regret my decision to shift from Tally to ERPNext and hope that someday you would say the same with regards to focus.

My main aim is always to douse the fire lit by erpnext team at my end due to some changes which are hailed obnoxious (to say the least) at first sight by my team but after sometime when they are used to changes then they start liking them…but then the team comes up with BOOM :smile: and the cycle repeats.

But trust me since the 5 years we have been using erpnext not one change is bad and the bad ones are really listened too as well and removed or made better, that is the best part about the team here, which I hope would remain throughout.

I finally have the filters to select the party in General Ledger but I am also getting one question in my mind as to what purpose does the party model serve when we still have to create 2 different accounts for people who are Customers as well as Suppliers.

I was thinking that with the party model this problem of creating 2 accounts for same person would not be needed.

Here on this Count Tally = +1

Again, I would be highly obliged if someone can explain me the need for party model and what purpose is it solving prior to non-party model era.

+1 for this post. I’m also having hard time with this Creditors and Debtors bundling together as a single line item.

@adityaduggal we can move towards one table, but we also wanted to release.

This structure remove duplication of Customer / Supplier into Accounts and also led to a lot of code commonification at the back end.

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