Where are the awesome fonts visible? Eg: fa fa-building, fa fa -time, etc

Hello, During the process of Customize form, I noticed some fields have values as fa fa -building, fa fa -time and few other. See the screencast below.

I figured out somehow that they are short-codes for awesome font, kind of icons/symbols. But, I don’t see any of these fonts/icons on the front end of the form or while printing the document.

I’m curious to know what is the use of these fonts and where do they appear?

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Hello @FinForce
Did you find reply for this?

No. Still waiting.


Hello @akademio
We are asking about front end. Where do we see it in the screen?

Here’s a howto tutorial Icons Tutorial

and a reference https://www.w3schools.com/icons/icons_reference.asp

John @clarkej, the question here is visibility on the ERPNext UI.

In many DocType it is being mentioned, but it does not show any symbols on the Desktop or Mobile window. I have not seen it yet, if you have noticed on the ERPNext instance, please share the screenshot.

yes Liyakat you are curious. Possibly these are just placeholder symbols. They normally have no reason for display on the GUI, other than say for troubleshooting?

As test would be to delete one to see what happens and what purpose they serve.
They may no longer serve a purpose and can be deleted.

Delete or did not delete, they already not appear.

I guess until this is a problem not to worry :slight_smile:

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When you add a doctype to the desktop they should show up there.

I think that for some reason the icon is being pulled in as the option in the customize form UI - section breaks do not have icons in any view.

I think this is a bug but a pretty harmless one.