Where are the Background Jobs running, for Erpnext

Hi Community,
I am new to erpnext, I want to know that Where in the backend are the ScheduledJobs/CronJobs Running.
In my Company’s Instance, the cronjob for allocated earned leaves run every month,
that calculates and marks the leaves of the employees.
but this month it has not run,
and I don’t know why.
Can anybody Assist.

@Sarah try bench doctor to check your scheduler status .

I want to know where the cronjobs / backgroundjobs run in erpnext or frappe, the in the core of the app.
As the allocated earned leaves are not marked this month so, i want to run that specific job manually

@Sarah open hooks file in erpnext (if you using version 15 it’s the hooks in hrms app). then find the method in scheduler daily_long , not monthly . (for me it’s erpnext.hr.utils.allocate_earned_leaves)
then run the method with bench execute
bench execute erpnext.hr.utils.allocate_earned_leaves

But this job is running daily.

the Monthly EL Allocated in the picture,
it allocates 2.5 earn leaves for the employees monthly.

This is Running automatically.
but it has not ran 1 time, which messed up the leave allocations.
now i don’t know how does these leaves are allocated and added monthly.

You can check the scheduled log on : scheduled job log list and sort a job like this.
from this you can see the reason why the job didnt run (if it failed).

@Sarah leave allocation is running daily

Then I don’t have any idea some, employees have got the monthly EL and some and some have not.

like the above employee had got the EL(Earned Leave) But This employee has not.