Where can i find a endpoint with quantity on hand map to 1 item number?

Hello Everyone,

Am trying to get QTY Hand from End Point map to one item number. Similar to the stock level in the item screen.

When I look in stock ledger I can see multiple entry include stock reconciliation, from what i can see the stock reconciliation entry go in the opening but if I total the opening and sub track the sales add the purchasing and stock entry (Material Receipt) am not coming back to the quantity on hand.
Am i missing something or is there another way to get this information through the API?

You would have to back to all of the purchase orders / purchase receipts to make sure they were 100% received.

Also - Stock Reconciliation entries are essentially brute force entries to adjust the stock level WITHOUT providing documentation as to why it was done. This is supposed to be used for when a mistake may have been made in a regular stock entry or if a hand count of the inventory was wrong.

Hope this helps you track down how your data got out of sync.


Thank for the feedback.
But i alread done that and it not coming back. All i need is somewhere in the apis i can get that final total display on on the item in stock level.