Where can I find Transport and Logistics module in ERPNext?

Hello there! I would like to know if the full version of ERPNext has transportation and warehouse management modules present. I couldn’t find them in the list of modules in the user interface. The closest I have come across are Fleet Management in Human Resources and Stocks or Assets.

Has anyone else implemented a transport and logistics or warehouse management system using ERPNext? Did you customize the present modules or create new ones? Are the current modules sufficient for building such a use case?


For the context of Logistics, I think you are talking only about shipment and freight management (or external logistics)

If that’s the case the Picklist, Packing Slip, Shipment and Delivery Trip, on the Stocks Module definitely will address your problem.

It’s also tight with the Vehicle information in HR.

If you are talking about internal logistics, with demand forecasting, production planning, capacity planning, material planning, the Manufacturing module have all the tools needed, for managing internal logistics.

ERPNEXT, haven’t a module dedicated to logistics, but have all tools needed to manage logistics (internal or external)

Regarding WMS, by default ERPNEXT don’t have a solution for WMS, since it’s all about the management of the phisical space.

Recently in a project with RFID, we did a simple customization to create a simple WMS in ERPNEXT, and at the end, the unique document that received a customization was the Pick List.