Where can I learn frappe architecture and core functionality

I am new to Frappe, I want to learn core working of frappe and its architecture because debugging any issues is really difficult

for example, I know django, It follows MVT pattern(similar to MVC) and I know how request- response cycle works so its easy to debug and find the issue and resolve

so what resources are there to learn core functionality of frappe
i already went thorugh frappe school but its just overview
I want to learn how frappe works rather than just its implementation

You read through all the docs?

hey @batonac,
I already went thorugh few of the docs but i want to learn the inner functionality like how frappe works

for example, I am getting this error when installing or uninstallling app

I am unable to find the reason, if i knew how frappe list/installs/uninstalls the apps then i can debug and solve the issue
so how can I learn about the inner core functionality of frappe

Start high level and go through all the docs, then dig in the code. On issues with adding and installing apps bench update --reset is your friend and can usually resolve issues like the above.


Hi @Vinay1:

As @batonac well-said above … read docs and code, a lot of code.
Here a really interesting video about requests handling, workers … really deep and good stuff.

Hope this helps.

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