Where can i see default Fetching for quotation item

where can i see default Fetching for quotation item table.

i would like to put an table like quotation item on customer, and mantain the information there, and than when create an SI its pull the itens define on the customer.
is that possible please help


You can insert Quotation Item table into Customer master using Custom Field. However, I will not prefer this approach. Perhaps you can try this.

  1. Identify one of the existing Sales Order/Invoice of the Customer.
  2. To create new Sales Order/Invoice for the Customer, Duplicate existing one.

Hope this helps.

hi thank you it must be on custumer , i cant duplicate its around 80 customers. and its change anually
i can put the table on customer, but than some fields are not pulling automaticlly so i would like to have the script that make that onload when you select an item on quotation item table, and the same its does for the rate