Where can l get ERPNext Mobile App for V13

Where can l get ERPNext Mobile App for V13

There is apk for Android:

I don’t know how to get for ios.


Mobile apps are deprecated. Mobile web view is working really well.

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Ok thanks anyone using these apps? How are they doing in the market

The apps have too many unexpected quirks and do not really work very well.

We gave up on them and use the standard ERPNext in a browser on Android with very good success rate. We even use Android tablets as mobile sales registers using POS Awesome and the HP Printing app to print standard full page receipts to a color inkjet printer. We also have some mobile users with iPads.

You can use Android phones or tablets, but the best results are with the tablets due to the screen size.



Thanks with the response

Maybe I am wrong, but maybe ERPNext mobile app is deprecated. They removed that from apple and android marketplace. Deprecating ERPNext mobile apps

But Frappe mobile app is still with us. It has some issues, but I prefer to use this for reading.