Where do I find my custom report so that I can edit it

I created a new report from an existing report by choosing the “Save As” option from the Report menu dropdown, This works as required and I am able to view and export the report.

I want to further change the report by customising it.

I can find the report on the report list. When I have selected the report it displays the report meta and says “Report Builder reports are managed directly by the report builder. Nothing to do.”

Searching on the disk for the report by the report name does not yield any results.

How can I locate the report to further customise it?

Hi @crafter,

when you open the report (from the Report List > Open > Show Report), you can modify it and then select Menu > Save to update it…

Hope this helps.

Thank you @lasalesi. I am able to do this. But I want to do further customisations on the report.

For example, my report displays columns for “quantity ordered” and “quantity delivered”. I want the report to have additional fields, for example balance ( = “quantity ordered” - “quantity delivered”).

Currently I have to download the report in my spreadsheet and make modifications before sending it to management. I want the report to be complete so that it can be directly usable by management.

On the right side of the Meta you could see a View Report button click on it and you can see the actual report. Make all changes you want and then again save them. That’s it.

Thank you, I get that @root13F. With that I am limited to certain changes, like filter, pick columns and so on. I want to make changes that I cannot make with the edit->save as functionality. For example, as I explained above, to add new calculated columns.

Oh then you should look at using either a query report or a script report. There you can add as many columns as you want. Query report will require you to write an SQL query and you’ll have to write the logic of your new columns in SQL .

Meanwhile in script report you may also use python. You can use MySQL to get your data and then use python to manipulate and add even more columns as you require.

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Thank you. This pointed me in the right direction.

I also used this for hints

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