Where does ERPNext write anything to?

playing around with docker & erpnext.

I want to achieve to have all persistent data to be stored in volumes instead of directly into the container that servers ERPNext (installed with the easy install script we all know).

So far I think have isolated …

  1. /home/frappe/frappe-bench/sites
  2. /home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps
  3. /var/log
  4. /var/lib/mysql

still I get an Internal Server Error when trying to run a new ERPNext container with the same volumes mounted. Is there any other location then the ones above which the server writes anything (logs, configs, …) to and which is need to be run the application successfully.

For example bench log files seem not to be in /var/log

@vrms The logs are under frappe-bench/log folder .
it seems that there is error. You can debug the error by bench serve --port 8005 etc
the console when you open login in site from browser the error will displayed on this terminal console.

I got the same Problem