Where does the stock come from?

So i only used odoo before , and usually on Odoo stock come from 1 warehouse to another warehouse even when Purchase order , so like virtual location to warehouse location .

For ERPnext i could not find the sources of the goods , may i know how to see or where the goods came from whenever i purchase order ?

This can be done using:


then choose as “Purpose” the option “Opening Stock”, and then enter the relevant figures in the Items table.
This is a recommended official way when starting to use ERPNext.

Note that there is an Upload button under the Items table, which can greatly speed up the work to enter all these values from a stock export of the old system.

Alternatively you can buy stuff and use the receive documents (purchase receipt, delivery note) for checking in the newly delivered items.

ehm , i dont think this is answering what i am asking for ,
I am asking for ERP next whenever we create purchase receipt , where do the stock came from , or maybe when stock entry as well , is there any location / warehouse where the stock came from

Oh yes, it does, but somehow you don’t realize that it does. Maybe you’re meaning to ask a different question, or your odoo experience somehow hinders you to see how things fit together?

When you “create” (enter the data of) a purchase receipt, the items come from your supplier, thus their warehouse or address. (A purchase receipt generally is getting its items from the purchase order you created before and emitted to your supplier to get your stuff.)

If you create a stock entry, the items are already in your stock, why would you create it otherwise? It has to fit a real situation of item being present in the stock. So that’s why you do a “Stock Reconciliation” of type “Opening Stock”, because you reconcile the new system with the stock which is already present.
This is somewhat similar to an opening entry in bookkeeping when you start a new year, but the funds are already there from the last year. Just the new year books don’t know it yet (if the software starts with an empty sheet and doesn’t automatically create the opening entries, then you create them manually, it’s just like a “bookkeeping money stock reconciliation”, in a way).

I think you may not understand what a Purchase Receipt in ERPNext is.

A Purchae Receipt is ERPNext is another name for Goods Received Note (GRN) You use this to receive goods or services bought from your suppliers/vendors