Where i find code of erpnext?

Hello… This is my first time using ERPNext, I am new to phyton frappe framework as well.
I am installed erpnext on Oracle virtuaBox question is where i find .py erpnext file to edit the code.?

Hello, if you have successfully installed ERPNext then you will find the codes for different modules under apps/erpnext/erpnext. Go through the directory once you will understand the rest if you have worked on python.

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I can’t find anything related to erpnext file :disappointed:

Depends on your installation.
Usually its, /home/frappe/frappe-bench

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Until now i can’t find anything about erpnext files :frowning:

Are your developer ? if yes then this may help. https://frappeframework.com

Yes… Problem is i am using oracle virtualbox and cannot access erpnext files

How have you installed ERPNext?

Install VirtualBox , then download and import ERPNext’s preinstalled Image

ssh into the VM and search for frappe-bench folder

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Run command in Terminal and your will get the path of your erpnext

find / -type d -name "erpnext"
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