Where is Kanban Board in v13?


I check this document but cannot find on v13.
ERPNext: v13.27.1 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.27.0 (version-13)

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@magic-overflow Go to any specific list…exmaple: Lead list → change view → kanban board view → create new kanban board

So we don’t have Kanban Board list? Yes I can change view to kanban in each list.

I saw the document it has Kanban Board list.
New Kanban Board

search for kanban board list after creating multiple kanban boards it shows the list.

Thanks. I created multiple kanban boards but not found in search.

@magic-overflow @Bhushan
Actually there is a disconnect between documentation and the actual implementation.

Try this:

Go to doctype list (search doctype list) in awesome bar.
Search Kanban Board doctype (search on ID field).

Inside it, use the button “Go to Kanban Board”

Hope this helps.

Documentaiton is very much lacking , how anyone using this awesome product without docs.