Where is Random Naming Rule stored in db

In V14 we found that there are new Naming Rules example Random.

In V12, for naming_series naming rule the table tabSeries was used to hold the data. Please let us know in which table does Random naming rule stores the data since we could not find it in tabSeries.

We are trying to migrate our application from V12 to V14 and while bench migrate we are facing issues because of this change.
Eg. tabVersion in V12 was using naming_series and now in V14 it is using Random and hash.

We would appreciate any support that you can provide.

Go V12 > V13 >V14 route. You will have difficulty migrating from 12 to 14.

You can customise this behaviour from customize form. However it’s not recommended to add naming series on documents like version. It will slow your site down considerably if you have concurrent users.

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The data is stored in the name column of the respective DocType, for example tabVersion.name. There is no separate table needed in this case.

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