Where is script defualt to update grand total ,Outstanding Amount etc?

I have added TDS field in ‘purchase invoice’ and I have noticed that in ‘purchase invoice’ when we change qty or rate than amont, total, grand total, outstanding amount are calculated automatically. I want to know which script calculates these all fields’ value. Because I need to deduct TDS amount from the grand total.

Hi @pbsonani,
Check taxes_and_totals.py and taxes_and_totals.js

This is actually done in gl_entry.py in the on_update_with_args method

Hello @tundebabzy

I hope this post can help me about these two points:

Point (1):
The update_outstanding argument in make_gl_entries is related to updating the outstanding_amount in the document or it is for something else:

What will happen exactly if update_outstanding = "No" or update_outstanding = "Yes" when using make_gl_entries?

Point (2):
Because Payment Entry is inherited from AccountsController, so the outstanding_amount in the reference documents that we need to pay against them will be updated automatically?