Where is the accounting entry for "Valuation"-only type of tax/charge


I’ve been testing out the purchase cycle for its effects on the valuation and accounting entries. I’m not an expert at accounting, however, I do have a basic understanding about it.

So I made a Tax/Charge entry for shipping expenses to emulate the scenario that I’m purchasing goods but paying for the shipping to an external shipping agent (rather than the supplier) while still including the shipping expense in the valuation of the goods.

But when I submit the purchase receipt and purchase invoice, the shipping expenses account is not affected, however, the Expenses Included in Valuation account head does include the value of the shipping expenses.

So my question is, how do I track the amount not yet paid to the shipping agent AND how do I actually make a payment entry for that shipping expense? The balance of Shipping Expenses account remains 0 throughout the whole purchase cycle. Have I set an incorrect type or something?

Please help

Same thing does with Landed Cost Voucher. How do I keep track of unpaid Additional Charges made using new Landed Cost Voucher?

You should create separate Purchase Invoice for the expenese incurred for landing charges.

Adding expenses via Landed Cost Voucher only updates item’s valuation, and doesn’t update payable towards the supplier of landing services provider. Purchase Invoice should be created separately for it.

@umair I have been trying to do that for some time. How do I make a separate invoice?

  1. I created a Purchase Order with both items and and taxes.
  2. I created a Purchase Invoice for that PO without the taxes!
  3. I tried to create a separate Purchase Invoice with taxes, but “Get Items From → Purchase Receipt” wouldn’t show me the receipts there I cannot like a PO with it (because their items have already been invoiced)
  4. If I manually a separate Purchase Invoice with taxes then the item’s will be invoiced twice and therefore mess up the accounting.

I saw another ERPNext member saying that we should create a separate invoice but I don’t think it’s even possible.

Please tell me how do I do that?