Where is the DocType code of the new Model?

I have created a new module successfully [from MAC terminal linked with server where an ERPnext is located]
I also created the doctype “travel_request” from core from interface

I’m following the manual … I reached here:

After saving the DocTypes, check that the model .json and .py files are created in the library_management/library_management

Library management in my case is travel/travel

~/frappe-bench/apps/travel/travel$ ls

this is what inside

config    hooks.pyc    __init__.pyc  patches.txt  travel
hooks.py  __init__.py  modules.txt   templates    www

and inside the third travel is

__init__.py  __init__.pyc

the problem is there are no .py or .json codes for the model itself as in the other modules
even there is no doctype directory created in the travel … where I can find it from terminal commands?

even inside this path:


this is what I got

desktop.py  desktop.pyc  __init__.py  __init__.pyc

Am I missing something ?? because from interface I face no problems.

Which module did you create it into

feel free to do a file search for travel_request.py


Hi rmetha,

Im experiencing the same issue following the Library Management tutorial but using site1.local instead of library site. Just created the first doctype Article and dont see any .py files of doctype folder?

Did I do something wrong?


Looks like if i have the “custom?” selected when creating the doctype then no files or doctype folders gets created, once i untick and save i see the files and doctype folder created in the app folder of the module, is this meant to be the case?


Yeah, don’t set custom.


really thanks, uncheck custom solved my problem :smile: