Where is the NEW Data Export? Only Legacy Import able to load Data Export files!

So, after wasting I day trying to understand what I might be doing wrong, I just now discovered that the output of …


cannot be imported by:


Instead you have to use the old …


How can I export from my development server and import into my production server, without using the legacy import tool?

Is there a new Data Export? What is it called?
What is the file format for the new Data Import?

ERPNext: v13.0.1 (version-13)

Frappe Framework: v13.0.2 (version-13)

There is no new data export. The current export tool is using the older (legacy) import functionality for export.

Until this is fixed, you can use the new data import tool itself to export the data under Download Template > Export all records.

Thank you, Kenneth.

It seems to me that that explanation ought to be at the top of the Export Tool page.

Or am I missing something? Is there some other way a new user would learn of this?

Am I right in saying that as of v13.5, the download template functionality in the Data Import tool on the WUI, uses the new, not the legacy, template format. This template can then be used to upload and import, using the same Data Import tool on the WUI.

However the bench data-import command cannot use this new template. In order to use this command you need to export the legacy template. I tried doing this via the Data Import Legacy tool (search for it in the awesome bar) but could not get it to accept my DocType. So I eventually exported the legacy template with

bench --site site1.local export-csv “Email Domain” ed.csv

I then removed all the header lines (~20) apart from the labels and added my data. I could then import the data with

bench --site site1.local data-import --file /full/path/ed.csv --doctype ‘Email Domain’ --type Insert --submit-after-import --mute-emails

So it appears that apart from using bench import-csv (and not deleting the ~20 lines in the template) you can also use bench data-import to import data from the legacy template.

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I just copy paste the name fields from the doctype into a csv file as headers. Add Information below it and upload. In the new version you don’t have to rely on a template. You create your own template.

@Muzzy, when you say “… and upload” do you mean in the Data Import tool or bench command?

Were you able to make it work with Google Sheets ?

Hi. Am referring to GUI upload using any CSV. Never tried Google sheets. On rare occasions have used script for backend. Have done on V12 and V13. Make sure that the field name is correct. Usually I copy field name to a text editor and then copy to csv. This removes any formatting that is inherited when copying from web page. Else paste it as plain text.