ERPNext can't Import it's own xlsx Export. Very small Data Import kills server!

With reference to my previous related topic: Where is the NEW Data Export? Only Legacy Import able to load Data Export files! - #2 by kennethsequeira

@kennethsequeira pointed out that:

… you can use the new data import tool itself to export the data under Download Template > Export all records

Here are the steps to killing my server:

  1. Snapshot my virtual machine.
  2. Create a list of about a dozen Items . The list includes template Items and their variants. It also includes Items with multiple Supplier names.
  3. Use the “Download Template” tool in “Data Import List” to extract the Items as an xlsx file. Choose “Export Type > All records”. Choose “Select Fields To Insert > Select All”
  4. Revert the virtual machine snapshot and restart ERPNext.
  5. Use the “Data Import List > Attach” to load the previously exported file
  6. Page goes grey for a minute or two, then “Message: Internal server error” appears
  7. Bench has stopped
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I am also facing this issue,
I got an export CSV & Excel files from v12 VM,
I couldn’t import those files to the v13 instance which runs on ERPNext cloud,

Seems Data import-export not working as expected.