Where is the rest of documentation (REST API)

I just went to see the Frappe documentation and looks like it has changed.

I constantly use the documentation because my memory sucks and I cannot seem to find the REST Api documentation.


Thanks, I believe the documentation map should be updated.

Here’s my inofficial one:

What do you think needs updating? The API is as generic as erpnext. You can do everything but it’s impossible to put everything in the documentation.


I know it is impossible. I am not saying that. What I am saying, is that you should not remove documentation.

For example I cannot seem to find Rest API and OAuth2 on updated documentation. https://frappe.io/docs

This was not the case with the old documentation.

I hope my explanation was clear.

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The documentation is not removed, just restructured from earlier.

Yes, the index does require a bit more of cleanup, but most of what you need is already there:


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I decided to asked my question here since it’s about REST documentation.
So, I need to integrate my application with erpnext instance and I need to create and update different entities using REST. How can I find out the required and optional fields and their names at least e.g. for customers and items?

Welcome to ERPNext @IevgenP

To learn what fields make up a given DocType, go to Settings > DocType, then find and choose Customer or Item.

Or alternatively say http://localhost/desk#Form/DocType/Customer

To learn all the details, the docs and this forum are your guide.

Hope this helps

edit: A third way to do that - enter ‘doctype list’ in the search bar