Where is the Supplier portal in v13?

Hi friends,

When my supplier connect to my instance, they now can see the same layout then mine. When I was in version 12, they are able to see Supplier Portal, like that image:

But now, in the v13, they see:


Is that a bug? Intencional change?


Web Forms will be removed: The desk (app) interface will now be the common UI for all form based entries. Web Forms always had second class treatment, and the expectation from Web Form is of the full form. Also most of the code of Web Forms was patch work. Web Forms will now be accessible from the /app/ interface, so all Web Forms will start with the url /app/form

Read more here.

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Thanks rmeyer,

Understood the reasons. Is there a way to show only the needed fiefs to suppliers?

I mean, in v13, suppliers can see my item master, and a lot of confs they was unable to see in v12…

My understanding is, that therefore the “DocType Layout” can be used (+Roles).

Have you tried to create a single “DocType Layout”? I could not and I believe this feature has been announced and pushed without working.

I have tried it several times since the release, but I don’t see/ understand how to get it working.

I could understand it but it’s very surprising that Frappe Team, themselves have not created a single doctype layout based on existing any doctype ( Before or after merging This feature PR). If they do, they can notice it as there are three-four issues that should address for making it workable.

I am just sharing here my observation based on my limited technical knowledge. First, the route/path is not right. Surprisingly the PR has been added by @rmehta himself and he/anyone could fix it quickly.

Path is not right , I believe so its not opening from doctype layout itself .window.open(/app/list/${frappe.router.slug(frm.doc.name)}/list); in the relevany js file frappe/doctype_layout.js at develop · frappe/frappe · GitHub

set_button(frm) {
if (!frm.is_new()) {
frm.add_custom_button(__(‘Go to {0} List’, [frm.doc.name]), () => {

Secondly, Label has been mandatory for the field type column break and Section Break, So one can not create and save it at all.

The third is new doctype layout should be added to call for workspace so it can be visible to the users having the desired role.

The fourth how this object will be called in a custom script.

@Maheshwari_Bhavesh responded the solution as we can not add fields if we do not apply the trick shared by him at Doctype Layout not showing fieldname- have anyone tried this in version 13 - #4 by Maheshwari_Bhavesh.

I am not a technical person so my observation may not be the exact as needed. However, @Maheshwari_Bhavesh can add his comments to seek the attention of the frappe team as one of very interesting functionality is still in lock .


I sent PR.



Thx for PR , Pls look about mandatory validation for field “Label” that should have exception for column break and section break in child doc type “DocType Layout Field”. Once this being addressed , one can use this feature

I have updated my PR.


Looks like the PR isn’t moving forward.

So far, I’ve found 4 issues:

  1. The route issue (already covered by @Maheshwari_Bhavesh)
  2. The mandatory Labels ((already covered by @Maheshwari_Bhavesh)
  3. My drop-down boxes do not work.
  4. Absolutely zero documentation about this DocType Layout feature.

Quite disappointing.



I was following this feature release a long back when it was in the re-design branch of frappe . It has been released without any basic testing whether it works or not. After releasing such half cacked feature , it’s a big question about the quality of new PRs and everyone needs to be cautious about upgrading Frappe/ERP system every upgrade opportunity.


@brian_pond PR is merged.

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@Maheshwari_Bhavesh your workaround to add fields is not working . you can not add a field, or I am doing some mistake

Do we know which maintainer(s) are responsible for this new feature?
Or do we know who designed it originally?

To get this feature working, I am happy to participate in testing and troubleshooting. But do not know who to communicate with.

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Am a new learner and became big fan of the frappe and erpnext. Investing huge time to learn . It was shocking for me when I seen release of feature which does not work at all and neither its being withdrawn and not listened too. When no response , I came out alternative solution to build multiple doc types and run server script to push values to core DocType @brian_pond And this is initial PR from @rmehta in Nov

seems this feature is more or less like what I proposed

As my PR had been discarded, the most recent new virtaul doctype feature is smarter than what I have designed, so I do prefer base on virtual doctype instead now

@szufisher great to know , then you are the most right person to fix all issues to make it workable

Just fyi, the “DocType Layout” feature is now fixed/working (tested in v13.6.0).

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I wouldn’t award this by saying it’s “working”. But I do agree it’s “better” in version 13.8.0

Still missing/broken:

  1. I have no idea the purpose of route, or what to type in that box.
    • It does not seem to matter what I type. ERPNext creates a new page based on the 'name` of my DocType Layout


  1. The drop-down for Field Name works very intermittently. Usually I cannot get it to work.

  1. You cannot create your own Column Breaks or Section Breaks. The best you can do is try to “find” a preexisting one, and select it. This is hit or miss. The form doesn’t tell you what kind of DocField types you’re looking at.

  2. Once you’ve removed them from your Layout, you cannot add Child Tables back again.

  3. Zero documentation, or developer feedback. Whoever wrote and owns this, is keeping very quiet.

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