Where Is the Titles

hi all ,
where we can change the title of web pages ?
is there in html files or supply from some other file ?
i found some html file and change the title but still previous title show

@Amir_Hosein_Zafarani: if you create a page via Website module of ERPNext, then you manage the page title there.

You act as follows

  1. Navigate to Website Module: https://[your_erpnext_host]/desk#modules/Website
  2. Click Web page link to go to the list of web pages on your site
  3. Click on any page in Web page list to edit (or click New button at the top right corner to create the new one).
  4. Use Title Field in Title section of the web page to set the appropriate title text.

no i want change the title of desk forms like items , stock ,…

It is not advisable to rename doctypes.

It will cause errors: Renaming DocType disapperas it from module