Where is Tools and Setup in each module?

Anyone please help me. I’m finding “Production Planning Tool” in Manufacturing module, but the screen differs from the existing video on Youtube. How can I change the screen as in the ERPNext videos in each module? or how can I find Tools and Setup as in the video?

This below is my current screen.

This is the existing screen I found on ERPNext videos.

Thank you very much



Please check if all the modules are enabled for the login under Show/Hide Modules for a user.
Also try searching in awesome bar.

What exactly is the “awesome bar”? That is a new term to me and I have not seen it before in the documentation.


Thanks so much for your reply.
I confirm that all modules are enabled and I also searched in the bar, but it’s still not found as in below figure.

What can I do next?

Here it is

Still not found “Production Planning Tool” except in Helps. I’ve tried to find in Setup and Tools at the left panel but there’s no Manufacturing. How can I fix this?

Thanks so much in advance.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I already fixed it. The solution is ERPNext disabled Manufacturing Roles (Manager, User) as default. And the roles control “Production Planning Tool”.
Just enable the roles and assign to a user. :slight_smile:

Ahh… Thank you. I have not known it had such an unusual name. Everyone I work with just calls it the search bar. Interesting name, so thank you for the tip on that one.