Where place Documents of regulations for Employer?

I need create documents of regulations for employes, like wiki and instructions.
How to better to do it in erpnext?

Try the wiki app:

There is also Knowledge Base doctype in Website you can use.

How to find it?



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Search for Help Article in the awesome bar.

However, the knowledge base/help articles are accessible to the general public. So the wiki app may be a better option.

Here’s an example of knowledge base in use:


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Just to explore possibilities… is it possible to limit access to employee only by assigning permissions?

Ok, I think it is good. But How to employer can find articles and categories?
I don’t know url for it.

When you create the wiki pages or the help articles, you’ll see a link on the side bar that says View on Website


The employer just has to provide these links to the employees. Generally, both the wiki and the help articles will have hierarchical setups where you have to create categories first and then the content pages.

Once those are created the users can navigate through easily.

PS: the current erpnext documentation is entirely built on the wiki app.

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What use here: ERPNext Manual: Table of Contents ?
Help Articles or other?

These are wiki pages from the wiki app.

Here’s the announcement from a few months ago:


recently, the framework docs have been moved to the wiki app as well: