Where should I place my test_record.json?

I wrote an app → myapp and one of the thing the app does is to create ToDos based on form input. Now I want to test my app by writing a unit test. First thing I want to do is to add test_records.json to create a few test todos. ToDos belong to frappe. Where in my app should I place the test_record.json for me to import it for my test. Also how do I import it in my unit tests ?

Hey, there’s documentation for testing here : Writing Tests

You want to place your test_records.json inside the DocType folder you want to test, so in this case, it should be inside the ToDo folder, which is at /frappe/desk/doctype/todo/

Hmm since I cannot add to the todo folder in terms of repo access, so I guess for my case I would have to place it under my own repo, then copy it to the right folder then pull it in ?

You can modify your local frappe app without problem. Just that you’ll have to commit your changes and then rebase everytime you want to update

Right okay. Thanks.

Can you update this link? )
I contain my test_data in top of my unitest class, but data doesn’t appear

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