Where to capture General Ledger codes (GL Codes) per Purchase Order in ERPNEXT? (Item Groups? "Accounts" ?)

Here’s an example of how GL Codes are used in businesses…


They may be financial codes like…

  • L510015 - Travel
  • L810020 - Computer Hardware
  • L912384 - Employee Reimbursements

At first, I thought of using ITEM GROUPS, but our company assigns GL CODES 1 per PURCHASE ORDER so this doesn’t work exactly.

I’m just wondering if ERPNEXT already has some ability to manage GL Codes?

Or must I learn how to create a new type of field similar to “Item Group”, then require that as an option during various doctype and form transactions?

In ERPNEXT… maybe “GL Codes” = “Chart of Accounts” or Accounts ??

I’m looking at all of the fields of the “GL Entry” and it seems that would make most sense?


While ERPNext Chart of Accounts by default is based on names, you can also tag an Account Number which would be the GL code.