Where to contribute with local documentation

Is there a place were we can share our notes regarding our countries when implementing ERPNext?
I am among those from Colombia who want to contribute with tips about the local case.

I’ve checked this https://erpnext.org/contribute but the section Documentation has a broken link.
Also this Home · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub has a broken link to https://github.com/erpnext/foundation/tree/master/foundation/www/docs/user

Regarding the preferred tool to document, I found this: Wiki engine for documentation but I’m not sure if those considerations exposed there are still valid.

Can we just create a page at Home · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub ?


Some information will be available here.

I’m guessing the repository to use will be https://github.com/frappe/erpnext_documentation/tree/master/erpnext_documentation/www/docs/user/manual

Probably create a country at https://erpnext.com/docs/user/manual/en/regional and then create some pages under that with guidance for other users.

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@MrMauro, the official documentation is strictly for product documentation and its translations for various regions.

Send over a google doc link with the content you’re talking about and let’s have a look.

Ok. We will collect what others decide to contribute and I will send you the link for your consideration.