Where to find documentation around Espresso design system

Frappe Team kept the excitement for new UI/UX design launch over the past few months. Recently FrappeUI design system, named Espresso, was launched. And there is a (experimental?) playground at frappeui.com.
Over the time I carried an expectation that it will be much flexible and not-so-technical to cosmetic change and brand align the UI of frappe apps.

But as outsider, I have very limited hint to weave and stich the new espresso system in apps. Basically, I know there is something, but what is utility, what are benefits, how to use effectively. I am not even sure if my expectation from Espresso Design System is aligned with why fundamentally in first place Espresso was to be created.

We need documentation around it in frappe docs.
(Moderator’s please create forum category and tag around Espresso Design System on this forum as well)

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