Where to find exhaustive API list?

(First of all: I’m new to Frappe/ERPNext.)

I’m trying to write an app, which shall call the ERPNext/Frappe REST API. Where can i find a list with all the REST API endpoints/actions i can call via /api/resource/.

Same for the RPCs (though i figured that i can find them in the GitHub Repo looking through all the .py-files for @frappe.whitelist() - thus documentation seems hyper lacky).

Is there some kind of Documentation?

For Example. I want to increase the Item Count for an Item A.
As far as i read at Stock Entry Purpose , i can use a Material Receipt Stock Entry for this.
What would the HTTP request look like?

Kind Regards!

Unfortunately a full documentation does not exist. Best way to do this is to create a new stock entry via the front end (UI) and then use a GET /api/resource/Stock Entry/[id] to understand the structure. You can then remove the automatic properties and create a POST request with the mandatory properties.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll definetly give that a try.

But then, how do i know what i can put after “/api/resource/” (e.g. ‘Item’ or as you wrote ‘Stock Entry’)?
Is there a one-to-one relation between the endpoint and the English name/document type in the UI?

did u gone through this

Yes, i did read it.
But it does not answer the question.

Though, i found the list of Document Types under Settings->DocType.

I think this should be incorporated as a note into the Guide (as a reminder).

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