Where to find Tax wise Net Total Amount?

Hi there,

Let’s suppose there are 3 items in a Sales Invoice

Item1 for a net total of 100 and VAT @ 20%
Item1 for a net total of 50 and VAT @ 10%
Item1 for a net total of 150 and VAT @ 20%

So the total net amount on which taxes are calculated are:

250 for VAT @ 20% => VAT @ 20% = 50
50 for VAT @ 10% => VAT @ 10% = 5

where is possible to find the net total amount (250 and 50) on which taxes are calculated? I cant find it in Sales Taxes and Charges


Will be best to maintain separate Tax account of VAT based on tax rate.

what you mean?

– Taxes
---- VAT 10
---- VAT 20

In the Item master, mention VAT account applied on that item.

In the Sales Invoice, select both VAT 10 and 20% account, but keep rate as zero. Tax rate will be fetched from item master.

In the Print Format, after Net Total, you will see total for VAT 10% and VAT 20% separately.

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yeah, and that’s fine …but what’s the net total amount that generated VAT amounts for 10% and 20%?

Should be

250 for VAT @ 20%
50 for VAT @ 10%

Why don’t you give it a try?

i tried …can you tell me where the value is stored? i cant find it …i need it to export not to print


Accounts > Sales Register report

Still cant find the total net amount per tax, can u be so kind to share an animated gif?

In the report, you will see column for each tax account… If you have created separate tax account, and also used in the Sales Invoice (submitted)… then for the row of that Sales Invoice, you will see VAT 20% and VAT 10% in the separate columns.

Ok, let me double check …

Unfortunately it doesn’t work as expected, see pic:

Invoice: Test 1 VAT @22, Test 2 VAT@ 10



I need to get the total net amount for each VAT, means: 12 for VAT @ 22, and 30 for VAT @ 10

Any hint on how to get total net amount per tax?