Where to input bank account details to be displayed on Sales invoice?

Ive just installed ERPnext.

I want to create a sales invoice for a customer, i dont know where to input the bank account details for payment in the Account Module to be displayed in Sales Invoice?


  1. when you create “customer” then its Account get created (Customer Account get displayed in “Chart of Account”- Under “Account Receivable”)
  2. when you submit “Sales Invoice” then “Make Payment Entry” button get displayed
  3. Click on “Make Payment Entry” button-> New “Journal Voucher” form get opened with entries(Customer Account, debit and credit amount)
    4)on “Journal Voucher” form ,select respective “Voucher Type”
  4. you select those ‘Account’ From which you have to ‘Debit’ amount
  5. Save Form.

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technology PVT LTD

Hi Shraddha

Thanks it’s abit clearer , however what i want to know is, the previous accounting system i used would display my bank details in the invoice for the customer to make payment, please see below: :blush:

-Currently,On sales invoice form “Payment” section is available at the time of creating new sales invoice.
-Inside that section you can fill Payment details.

  • Cash/Bank Account:- This field is available on Form
  • If you already set "Cash/Bank Account"in company master then it will displayed in sales invoice form

You can add your payment details as a part of your Terms and Conditions


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i used the Terms and Conditions thank you so much