Where to learn about customizing the "Connections" header of a DocType?

I tried to search for “Connections” in the forum here, but ended up scrolling through hundreds of posts about installation and connection errors.

Is there any documentation about how the Connections section of a DocType actually works?

Where in the source code hierarchy would I find the Python and JavaScript implementations for the a DocType’s connections?

I need to add a 3rd Stock Entry to a WorkOrder’s (typical 2) “Connections” before it can be flagged as Finished. Where might I learn how to do that?

@MartinHBramwell Maybe this will be helpful.

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YES! That is helpful.

When I looked at the Work Order’s Edit DocType mode I found no links defined, so I presume the standard links are all handled in code.

I started up my MariaDB client, updated the work_order attribute of Stock Entry with the related Work Order primary key …

UPDATE `tabStock Entry` 
SET work_order = 'MFG-WO-2022-00009'
WHERE name = 'MAT-STE-2022-00673'

… and refreshed the page for the Work Order.

The Stock Entry tag in the Connections section showed three items. Clicking on the tag caused the Stock Entry List to appear, filtered to show the three linked stock entries.