Where to place the code of the custom web form?

I am installing ERPNEXT on my own server.

I modified the quotation doctype to add some fields, now I need to fill the quotation doctype from a web form

I created the web form from ERPNEXT, but now the characteristics of web forms are very basic.

I think my solution would be a custom web form through the API or a custom website, but I have 2 days searching for files that must be modified to introduce my code

In which file I place the code of my custom web form?

First, don’t change erpnext or frappe documents. There are several way to do the customization, just check the manual.
Second, in my opinion the best way is to make your own app and put your js code inside public folder of your module and mention it in web_include_js or app_include_js in hook.py file.
Or put your code inside setup/Custom Script.

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Hi luisfmfernandes, thanks for your tips.

I need to fill my doctype from a webform on my website ERPNEXT.

I searched in ERPNEXT html files and can not find the forms,

I also tried to add a custom page to my webiste ERPNEXT and have not been successful.

Any suggestions?

I don’t know if i understand you but if you need to have a custom web form instead of the real doctype form and fill it with data of the custom web form what you must to do is gather all the web form data send it to server (for security reasons…), validate and from your module create a new doc (doc = frappe.new_doc(…)) fill it with your data and save it to database (doc.save()).

To make a custom page you must check the documentation.

@ranher for making forms on the website check this: