Where to set up company Tax-ID?

Hi there,

can’t find where to set Company TaxID, should be added a custom field on Company DocType?

Thx in advance

I think the place meant to be for such would be

Setup >General Setting then click on the black arrow next to your company name (which opens the basic setting for your company

(I would expect this to be found a little more straight forward like >Setup >Company >Company List or so but this seems to be hidden away a bit [at least I can’t find a more direct way])

then scroll down to the large field Registration Details

(At least that’s what I figured. if anyone with more insight can advise any more suitable location feel free to correct me)

@vrms thanks i missed it …i expected to have a field TaxID instead of a generic Registration Details

you’re welcome … not sure though whether the info’s in that field show on related Documents (Sales Order, Invoices, …) Somehow it seems they don’t

In your letterhead

… only if you add this again there manually I think