Whether advance payment and recurring invoice facility available in ERPNext?

How we can activate recurring invoice in Erpnext8 ?

sorry, which version do you use? I have these section in my Invoices. I use ERPNext: v8.11.2 (master)

@NMyshuk Thanks for reply.
I am using ERPNext: v8.11.2.

and my invoices with Draft status has recurring section


@felix thanks for reply


  1. We need advance payment functionality for invoice.
  2. Suppose $600 payment taken for 7 recurring invoice to be made each of $100.
  3. Can I pay multiple invoice.
  4. In the above case 5 paid and 1 unpaid.
    This type of functionality available in erpnext?

Unfortunately I cann’t check it.
But I think it works.
At first you need to create Advance-journal-entry.
Then create invoice where you use this Journal entry/
Make this invoice as Recurring.
And I think when next recurring invoice will be created it should have advance payment.

What will be the status of sales invoice after generator new recurring invoice?
We have set some invoices status paid and some for unpaid. It will adjust according to payment amount.

As it works in ERPNext recurring, if you advances payment exists you invoices are paid, if you don’t have advances payment they willn’t be paid.
I think in recurring section you shouldn’t check Submit on creation and after creating recurring invoice you can control advance payment and status.

Can we have this thread closed?