Which Custom Field is a best fit?

Morning All,
I would like to add 3-4 custom fields to the item page. I deal with new & vintage parts which have carried several different numbers over the years (for the same part). It is these numbers I would like to capture on the Item Page in separate fields.

The systems are set and defined (some have been extinct for 40 years or more as well - but the numbering is still needed for referencing those older packages and parts) so I won’t be making these up. I have the numbers but which set of custom fields would make the most sense: Data, Link, Select, Table?

I would like to enter a new item and then be able to pick the correct (pre-defined) number in each field. Each system is very different then the other so they would need to be separate entities. And they are optional as well (the new stuff uses a completely different system).

Thanks for any help!


If you have alpha numeric characters, use data field