Which Frappe & ERPNext version to choose for production?

I am trying to setup ERPNext version 15.

But in case of Frappe Framework there are three versions:

  1. develop
  2. version-15
  3. version-15-hotfix

From these which version should I use?

In the same way in case of ERPNext should I use verions-15 or version-15-hotfix?

My requirement is to setup ERPNext Production Server.

Hi there,

You want version-15 for a production set up.

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Yes I want to setup version 15 for production.

What @peterg is trying to say is the install the second one (version-15) for production. Not develop, not version-15-hotfix.

Just version-15

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Thanks for the clarification.

I did not understand what he was trying to tell.